About us

Bounce: sustainable, affordable vintage fashion.

Bounce is all about sourcing the best, unique and affordable everyday vintage clothing from the forties to the noughties. Our stock changes constantly but we always have the staples: jeans, workwear, dresses, t-shirts, sweatshirts etc, as well as some rarer unique pieces. 

Bounce Vintage was established in 2012, a business which grew out of Vintage Fairs, Vintage Markets and Pop-Ups, until we opened our first shop in the heart of Folkestone’s Creative Quarter on a chilly November day in 2016. 

A little over year later and we moved into our current flagship shop on the corner of The Old High Street and Tontine Street. After another year and a half we opened our second shop on Canterbury’s main street. 

Bounce Vintage is passionate about workwear, vintage sportswear and everyday vintage clothing.

It’s not all about the money…

Bounce has an ethos of kindness and honesty.  We care about our customers, and the Planet. We buy as well as we can and sell as reasonably as we can too. This has gained us a loyal fanbase far and wide, who trust our choices and prices.

Bounce also strongly believe that buying and wearing Vintage Clothing is a sustainable way forward, recycling clothing and - unlike High Street fast fashion - creates zero waste.

Bounce believes that buying Vintage helps save the Planet – with style.